There's $50, 000 Hidden In Your Auto Repair Shop Right Now... Here's How To Unlock It In The Next 5 Days
Take the ‘$50k In 5 Days’ Challenge from Australia and NZ’s #1 auto repair shop coach! Discover the proven strategies that helped business owners like you unlock an extra $50,000, $100,000, and even $250,000 in annual profit… in just 5 days!

Dear auto repair shop owner,

If you feel like you work too hard in your business for little financial reward…

If you struggle to pay your suppliers at the end of each month…

If you eat into your GST fund to cover your wages…

And you constantly check how much ‘wiggle room’ you have on your credit cards…

Then we have good news:

It’s not because you’re a bad business owner or you need to work longer hours – and we have a powerful plan to finally solve your cash flow problems in the next 5 days!

There Is A Whopping $50,000 Hidden In Your Business Right Now

You can unlock this ‘hidden’ cash flow in your business in the next 5 days. Without hiring more staff, working longer hours, or overcharging your customers.
As far as we’re concerned, it’s money you’re owed. And it’s surprisingly easy to find.
You don’t need a treasure map. You don’t need to pay for more advertising, turn your business upside down, or start short-changing your suppliers.

You just need to take our ‘Find $50k In 5 Days’ challenge and follow it online in your own time.

Here’s A Sneak Peek At What You’ll Discover During The ‘Find $50k In 5 Days’ Challenge

During 5 sessions with Rachael Evans, Australia and New Zealand’s #1 auto repair shop coach, you’ll uncover:

  • ​Simple tricks to make the most of your billable hours so being ‘busy’ translates into ‘more revenue’
  • ​Industry benchmarks for parts and labour, so you know exactly what you should charge for maximum profits
  • ​A simple method to understand your key financial statements that literally anyone can use (even if you absolutely hate accounting!)
  • Take-home workbooks and cheat sheets to sustain your newfound cash flow and turbocharge your business success over the long term!
  • ​Access to an exclusive Facebook group where you’ll network with other driven auto repair shop owners and share the wins you have during and after the challenge

Watch online at your own pace, from the comfort of your own home or workplace!

Is The ‘Find $50k In 5 Days’ Challenge For You?

The $50,000 is waiting for you. Over the next 5 days, you’ll pick it up piece by piece… like a trail of golden nuggets trickled out across your business! This challenge is specifically designed for auto repair shop owners who:

  • ​Get to the end of the month and don’t have enough money to pay your staff
  • ​Lack the cashflow to clear supplier bills on a regular basis
  • ​Have to decide which bills to pay off first (instead of having the funds to do them all at once)
  • Have debt for business loans, credit cards, overdrafts, and to the tax office
  • ​Work endless hours and miss family events without seeing the financial reward

If any of these hit home and you have no idea where to start, the ‘Find $50k in 5 Days’ Challenge is tailor-made for YOU!

We've Had Clients Unlock $250,000 During This Game-Changing 5-Day Challenge...

What Would You Do With An Extra $50k+ Per Year?

  • ​Hire a new technician or service advisor that takes the weight off your shoulders
  • ​Finally wipe out debt and enjoy that ‘clean slate’ feeling where you’re not constantly worrying about money
  • ​Pay yourself a decent salary or increase the take-home profits that end up in your pockets
  • ​Save up for something you actually want (like a new car) instead of plugging leaky holes in your business
  • ​Take your family on the dream holiday you’ve put off because you’re always chained to your business

5 Expert-Guided Sessions You Can Take At Your Own Pace

DAY 1:


  • ​Develop a ‘sixth sense’ for identifying financial issues yourself instead of relying on your accountant
  • ​An over-the-shoulder look at your profit and loss statement: interpret the numbers, find out what’s going wrong, and identify opportunities for improvement!
  • How to get back in the driver’s seat of your financial situation so you never stress about having enough money to pay your staff again
  • How often you should review your financial reports (HINT: most auto repair shop owners don’t do this and it costs them huge $$)
  • The financial metrics your service advisor must know so they can help your business increase its profits

DAY 2:


  • ​How to skyrocket profitability and ensure more money goes into your pockets (rather than being ‘lost’ inside your business
  • ​A secret formula to organise your finances 2X easier that will change the way you look at owning an auto repair shop forever
  • ​What salary to pay yourself without bleeding your business dry – if you’re unsure whether to pay yourself a salary, percent of the profits, or both, you need to see this!
  • ​The exact percentage of real revenue your operating expenses should be (and how to slash costs if you’re spending too much)
  • ​A simple exercise to reduce or even eliminate ‘hidden’ expenses and free up $10,000+ in annual revenue

DAY 3:


  • ​The industry benchmarks for labour profit – so you don’t over or undercharge and you get the biggest bang for your buck
  • ​How to justify a labour rate increase to the ‘price watchers’ on your books who go over every invoice with a fine-tooth comb
  • The #1 way to itemise labour on your invoices to stop customer pushback and complaints
  • Why you should charge $10, $20, or $30 more per hour for labour and how to get the confidence to do it!
  • An overnight change that unlocks $54k in annual profits – pay off your debts, buy your own dream car, or take your family on a tropical getaway!

DAY 4:


  • ​Markup vs Margin: what the difference is, why it matters, and how one affects the other
  • Why most auto repair shop owners markup expensive parts completely wrong (and what we recommend instead)
  • A helpful parts matrix that provides industry benchmarks, so you don’t leave money on the table
  • ​How to uncover markup mistakes you’re making right now that could instantly add $1,000s to your bottom line
  • A simple step to skyrocket your profit margins without adding a single hour to your workweek (one of our clients saved $30k doing this!)

DAY 5:


  • ​4 types of labour rates you should be charging… including one almost ALL repair shop owners either charge incorrectly or don’t charge at all
  • Why using the word ‘quote’ when diagnosing could be costing your business $1,000s a week… and the replacement word that ensures you get paid for every minute spent on the job
  • A simple process to slash your ‘write off’ hours in half (if you write off hours because you ‘feel guilty’ or worry the customer will complain… this is an absolute MUST)
  • How to combine your learning from days 1-5 of the challenge so you can ensure your auto repair shop is as profitable as possible moving forward

Introducing Your Challenge Host...

Rachael Evans, The Workshop Whisperer Founder And CEO

From a suburban auto repair shop to international businesswoman and disrupter of a global industry, Rachael Evans is a former workshop owner, author, and Australia’s and New Zealand’s leading business coach for auto repair shops.

Rachael specialises in coaching auto repair shop owners to improve their profits and lifestyle through sales and marketing, customer service, improving productivity, staffing, culture, leadership and cash flow.

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