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Give Your Best Value Upfront

Quality, Value, Convenience… QVC – Three words that can make or break your auto repair business.



Like me, you would have customers who bring their vehicles to your workshop because they love everything about your business. You have carefully built trust and rapport with them, you deliver exceptional workmanship and customer service to them, and in return, they never question your price, and even reward you with referrals to their family, friends, and work colleagues.


These are your raving fans, your A grade customers, and your top 10%. And, while you deliver exactly the same service and workmanship to every other customer on your database, it is this 10% that does magical things for your reputation and bottom line. They are true value seekers, and appreciate all of the quality, value, and convenience that you provide upfront, without being asked.


The most successful, profitable, workshops are very clear on their QVC, and they educate their customers on it each and every day through face to face conversations in the workshop, on the phone, and through all forms of marketing.


It disappoints me though, to experience first hand, and to see my clients experience first hand, when a supplier forgets their own quality, value, and convenience proposition. Like any workshop can, suppliers can become complacent with long term customers. They get used to seeing the orders role in each month, and the cash flow that comes with it. Slowly the good service becomes mediocre. Then it becomes unacceptable. The workshop owner might start looking elsewhere because they don’t feel valued anymore.


When the time comes for the workshop owner to have the conversation with the supplier that they are changing to someone else, the supplier is all of a sudden woken from their complacent state. They might offer the workshop incentives to keep spending with them, and not change where they spend their money.


In the case of my workshop recently, we were offered supermarket vouchers each month with our order to entice us not to change suppliers. In my opinion, if a business is not giving us their best QVC proposition up front, I don’t want to do business with them. Plain and simple.


We go above and beyond in our business to deliver 5 star service at every encounter, without prompting from customers. Our customers don’t need to ask us to be dropped at work, we offer it up front. We wash, vacuum, and fragrance every vehicle we service, every time. And most importantly, we price fairly to begin with. We are never cheap, but we are never so ridiculously expensive that we are repeatedly questioned on price.


Give customers and potential customers your best QVC upfront, every time, and you will be rewarded with a large, loyal customer base, and a very healthy profit.


Never become complacent and take your customers for granted. At the same time, don’t accept second rate service from suppliers who have become complacent with your business. If they aren’t giving you their best QVC upfront, and it takes the threat of using someone else before they come to the party, draw a line in the sand and make a decision that is in line with your business values.


There are many more suppliers that will be lining up to serve you.

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