How To Hire, Negotiate With, and Retain Quality Talent

Get the team you need to build a strong and efficient auto repair business

What You'll Get: 

  • Our 5 top tips for attracting elite talent to your business (number 5 reveals something you should NEVER do… unless you want to overpay $1,000s to sign top talent)
  • A simple, 7-step process to hire new staff… a template you can use to advertise the position, tips when onboarding new team members, and EVERYTHING you need to make the process smooth and successful!
  • 2X done-for-you interview templates that include how to introduce your business, culture and role in the phone interview… and how to run a revealing face-to-face interview that makes hiring a breeze!
  • ​How to successfully negotiate employment conditions with your team members… plus an important skill that could transform how open and honest your team is with you
  • ​5 powerful tips for retaining quality talent… including a simple mantra from one of the most successful business people on the planet (this definitely applies to auto repair shops!)

In this PDF & Training, you'll be guided through the process of hiring a new team member, negotiating with them during the term of their employment, and ultimately retaining them as long as possible!

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