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Is this you?

Your story might go something like this….

Purchased business (bye bye life savings), and sold dream by previous owner of a life of leisure and riches.

Now, just a few short years down the track, you fight tooth and nail to earn any sort of decent income. You have put on a mechanic and he earns a decent salary, but there isn’t what you’d like leftover to pay yourself…or maybe you don’t even draw a regular wage yet!

You wonder what it will take to really get ahead. You know you’re an awesome mechanic, and you’re other mechanic isn’t bad too, but no-one will ever take the same pride in the job as you, the business owner, does.

You’ve sunk some money into print advertising, and didn’t get a single call. The radio rep is telling you that he can send your message out across the airwaves to hundreds of thousands of people…for just $30k per year (what?!). You are totally confused about which marketing strategies to employ, and wonder if the successful local mechanics even bother marketing. To you it seems like they don’t even need to advertise…

You have reps constantly calling on you trying to sell you their latest and greatest products, but you’re unsure of which direction you want to take the business in anymore…do you stay being a general mechanic, or if you specialise in clutch and brake, do you branch out into other repairs to attract a bigger share of the market?

There are so many questions, and so many variables. You find yourself asking “is at all worth it?”. “Should I just go back to working for someone else?”

If this scenario has you nodding your head in agreement that this is you, you might already be on your way to getting the answers you seek. You are here reading this after all, and that is a big step in the right direction!

Here are 4 things you can do today to get your business back on the right track, and help you to earn that income you have always wanted:

1. Ask yourself what area of auto mechanical you are most passionate about/ can do the best/ know back to front and can do with your eyes closed. If you are predominately working on broken down old junkers that your scan tool can’t even talk to, and the people who own the cars are always asking for a payment plan or trying to bargain, chances are you aren’t having much fun at work. You are probably emotionally drained, and longing for the day when any late model vehicle rolls up in your driveway. You need to appeal to a different market…raise your price!

2. What areas of expertise can you offer to other mechanics in the area at a trade rate? Auto air con servicing and repairs? Unregistered vehicle checks? Tyres?

3. Do not entertain the idea of mass media marketing if you aren’t paying yourself a regular wage first, and especially if you don’t have a customer service program systemised to look after your customers. Not sure what that even is?

4. Get a mentor…like me! All the top athletes in the world have a mentor or coach for guidence, and business should be no different. Have someone on your team that has already walked the ground you now tread..

Contact me for a free 30 minute phone strategy session first…we can work out if we are the right fit for each other…email

Now go and get busy…you have some money to make!

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