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Independent mechanics, do we get a fair go?

You’ve heard it before, from those customers that come in and say that when they bought their car new from the dealer, they were told they had to have the vehicle serviced there or their warranty would be voided….

We, as independent mechanics, know that that we don’t void new car warranties if we use warrantable products during the service. Even though consumer law has been in place in Australia for many years that allows consumers their choice of authorised repairer, it appears some car makers are still giving customers the impression that the dealer must service their car.

Recently, the Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association (AAAA) expressed concern to the ACCC that several questionable practices were not able to be stopped simply through better customer education or compliant business strategies, and that ACCC should take an enforcement approach.

Subsequently, the ACCC launched a review into documentation, including log books, warranty documents and training materials, from a number of major car manufacturers.

“The ACCC identified a range of concerns with respect to compliance to the ACL and CCA. On the log book issue, the ACCC determined that the wording was misleading and confusing for consumers.”

“The ACCC subsequently wrote to those manufacturers outlining the concerns and strongly encouraged them to review their compliance systems and processes to avoid further action being taken.”

The AAAA says it applauds the actions taken by the ACCC. The AAAA says that their ” aim is to maintain a level playing field in our industry. We want to ensure that Australian car owners retain the right to choose their preferred repairer based on proximity, service, price and relationships,”

To read the full article published on the AAAA webiste, click here


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