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Rachael Sheldrick - The Workshop Whisperer,
is the premier mechanic specific business mentor for Australia and New Zealand.

New to town and with no customers, Rachael and her husband Glen Sheldrick purchased a run down mechanical workshop in suburban Newcastle in 2011. Glen is the brilliant mechanic and Rachael is the marketing maestro who drove GS Mechanical from zero to profit within three months. Today, new business continues to double every six months.

Other suburban mechanics who were ‘just breaking even’ began to ask Rachael for advice. One ten minute conversation opened up two brand new markets that had not even been considered before!

Unlike a traditional business coach, Rachael Sheldrick is now sharing her expert strategies to help other workshops like hers, all over Australia and New Zealand, achieve the business success they deserve.

Energetic and insightful, Rachael is passionate about small business success. “When I started out, I had no one to turn to for advice because everyone was a competitor”, she said. “Now that I know what works, the secrets are here to be shared with anyone who wants to move from survival to success.”

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