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The Workshop Whisperer, is the #1 business coach for auto-repair shop owners in Australia, New Zealand and North America.

Rachael Evans has been helping auto repair shop owners to achieve business success since 2014. Having owned a mobile and then fixed workshop business, Rachael shares her wealth of knowledge with repair shop owners of all kinds from across the aftermarket, and around the world.

Rachael Evans

Founder & CEO

From a suburban auto repair shop to international business woman and disrupter of a global industry, Rachael Evans is a former workshop owner, author, and the founder of The Workshop Whisperer, Australia’s and New Zealand’s leading business coach for auto repair shops. 

Rachael’s programs specialize in coaching auto repair shop owners to improve their profits and lifestyle through sales and marketing, customer service, improving productivity, staffing, culture, leadership and cash flow. 

Entrepreneurial and business minded from a young age, Rachael began her working career in sales and marketing, and eventually moved into coaching and mentoring to share her success with others. 

Having tested her business growth strategies over many years, she saw a gap in the market in Australia and New Zealand after the Global Financial crisis, and turned this into the first online auto specific coaching business in the industry. 

With a passion for transforming underperforming auto repair shops into profit making machines, she loves nothing more than to see the owners of family run businesses finally achieve the lifestyle of their dreams.

rachel evans
dean evans

Dean Evans

Mentor & Coach

For 10 years, Dean ran his own leadership development business coaching Senior Corporate Executives at both a national and international level, whilst consulting CEOs across a broad range of industries. 

Through word-of-mouth, Dean’s passion for elite performance also took him into the world of professional sports. He privately mentored a number of elite athletes from the AFL, NBL and NBA, specifically in the areas of performance psychology and elite habits. 

This work saw him spend four years consulting to the coaching staff and playing squad of the Adelaide 36’ers NBL Franchise, over which time that franchise won more games than any other team in the National Basketball League. 

Now at The Workshop Whisperer, Dean brings a wealth of expertise and knowledge on what it truly takes to be an effective leader in your auto repair shop, and what’s required to build a winning workshop culture using modern leadership principles and cutting edge techniques.

Ange wall

Ange Wall


For over 10 years, Ange Wall worked in the offices of the Queensland Treasury, followed by the Department of the Premier and Cabinet in project management/event planning and resource management roles. 

In 2004, her husband, Alan, left Mercedes to open his own mobile mechanic business out of their back shed. In 2007, his business partner, Carl, also left Mercedes and the two of them decided to open a European specialist workshop in South East Queensland. Ange agreed to step away from her career for one year to help them set up shop and Accelerate Automotive was born.

14 years later, after becoming the beating heart of the company, Ange has an in-depth understanding of how small business becomes all-consuming.

The Accelerate Automotive team joined the Engine Room in 2016. The business had grown and prospered, but they knew they needed help to work smarter instead of harder, coach their team and gain a greater understanding of business fundamentals while planning for the future. 

Through working with the Workshop Whisperer, Ange has been able to implement the systems and processes she needed to have in place in order to take a step back from the company. Freeing up her time allowed her to step in as an Engine Room coach in September 2020, and she thoroughly enjoys being part of many Engine Roomers’ journeys of growth and fulfillment. Her favourite part of coaching is the ‘A-HA!” moment a client can have during a tune-up call, resulting in them taking action on what they thought was an impossible task.

Chris Notte


Chris Notte is the Managing Director of Autoplus WA, a family-owned and run automotive workshop that offers a comprehensive range of mechanical and auto electrical services. Trading since 2000, Autoplus WA focuses on creating customers for life.

Chris’s passion for fixing things dates back to his childhood. He learned to drive at six years old, and recalls dropping the clutch so hard he put the cooling fan through the radiator. That moment was the start of his obsession with all things automotive. 

A trained technician who has worked in the industry for more than 23 years, Chris’s passion has evolved from fixing fans sent through radiators to helping his own team and other business owners reach their full potential. He gets to live that passion by being part of the Workshop Whisperer coaching team. 

Dedicated to continuous self-improvement, Chris has been in the Workshop Whisperer for six years and has used the teachings in the program everywhere in his business, from being on the floor to out the front of the workshop.

In his spare time, Chris is chairman of AASDN WA, a not-for-profit group of automotive workshops committed to helping each other and the automotive industry.

Chris Notte
Adele Martin

Adele Martin


Adele is a certified financial planner with over two decades of experience as a financial advisor in Australia.

She has coached 100’s of businesses including Auto Repair Shops to scale and grow their business, she is also well versed in the Profit First accounting system so she brings huge value to her coaching sessions!

Phil Kolarik


Phil’s journey in the automotive industry began at Hewitt’s “Spanners & Sparks” Automotive, where he completed his apprenticeship from 2006 to 2009.

During this period, he was fortunate to work under an employer who recognized his potential. In 2015, seizing the opportunity, Phil acquired the business from his mentor, giving rise to the modern incarnation of Spanners & Sparks Automotive.

Phil’s connection with the Engine Room dates back to 2019, marking the inception of his journey with Warriors in 2021. Commencing his apprenticeship in 2006, Phil’s dedication and passion for the craft led him to take ownership of the same workshop in 2015. The humble beginning with a team of two has transformed into a thriving enterprise with a team of eight, a testament to Phil’s vision and leadership. His business stands on solid foundations, allowing him to step back and entrust his capable team to excel.

In the community, Phil is held in high regard, reflecting his commitment and contributions to the automotive realm.

Phil Kolarik
Laura Moore

Laura Moore


Laura and her partner opened their workshop in 2013 and had it running like a well oiled machine to the point where she was able to transition from her corporate career to working full time in the shop by 2016. Their drive for starting their own business was a passion for cars coupled with seeing the low level of service and high costs people where experiencing going to the dealer. They really felt they could offer better!

Laura’s corporate background was in operations and change management which gave her great experience to take in to her business, this coupled with her partner Barry’s IT background and obsession with cars gave them a solid foundation. They are currently running a team of 9 including herself and Barry. Laura sits as CEO, Barry as GM and technical expert, they have 4 Techs and 1.5 Service Advisors as well as a part time Marketing Co-Ordinator.

Zubayr Smith

Client Success Hero

Zubayr is the Light House of The Engine Room. Zubayr is the contact for any questions, concerns, or challenges you may encounter along your journey with us.

With a keen understanding of our programs and a genuine passion for your success, Zubayr is here to provide practical solutions and the support you need to keep moving forward.

He won’t just be focused on immediate wins but he will be committed to your long-term success within the Engine Room. 

Zubayr Smith
Gil Baya

Gil Baya

Client Support Hero

Gil works diligently behind the scenes in an administrative and technical capacity. He supports the client success and coaching team to ensure you have a smooth, hassle-free experience while striving towards your business and personal goals.

You will see him pop in groups to provide resources such as event invitations and access to webinar replays etc.

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