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Our Client Wins & Successes

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Meet Jeffrey Hazzeldine

One Thing: Remove the guesswork

After 15 years in the business, the biggest benefit he had from our Engine Room program was understanding the budgets and costs inside of the business and the accountability to work with the coach constantly.

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Meet Chris Notte

One Thing: Accountability

A business with 20 years on the market, found accountability working together with coach Rachael and support from the network.

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Meet Ange Wall

One Thing: Systems

Running the business for 12 years. The team has grown from 3 people to 7. Managing the team has made a massive different. 

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Meet Jeffrey Hazzeldine

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Meet Jeffrey Hazzeldine

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Meet Jeffrey Hazzeldine

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Why We Do What We Do

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The team at The Workshop Whisperer are unparalleled. It’s genuinely been one of the most helpful, empowering and wonderful experiences as a business owner. We will continue to learn and grow with them as a business and as people. Thank you again to Rachael, Dean, the coaches, and the whole team of people who put so much effort into making our business better. You guys rock! .

Stellar King

— Brisbane, QLD

Our Latest Google Reviews

Mark and I have been with WW for about 3 months now and it’s ALL coming together. I have just ticked off all 4 quarterly goals. ✅ Yay, what’s even better than that, is the workshop (we have two) that is further ahead in all these changes, JUST HAD OUR VERY BEST MONTH in the 21 months we have been open AND… There are so many improvements left to be implemented. Can’t wait to see where this takes us at both workshops. A big shout out to all the coaches for their help so far with this and thanks so much for the amazing support from the other Engine Roomers. One step at a time, really does work.

Kerry Vernon

— Hastings, VIC