The Engine Room

The Engine Room

High Performance Business Coaching

For auto repair shop owners who are serious about these things:

So what is The Engine Room?

The Engine Room is for you when you’ve been in business a few years, and you are looking for that edge that will see profits soar, and your team start to be autonomous. When these things happen,  you can start to enjoy that business owner lifestyle you’ve been dreaming about all this time!

Make no mistake, The Engine Room is a serious business coaching and accountability program for auto repair shop owners who will do what it takes to get the job done. You need to set aside time to attend, learn, practice, and implement! If you aren’t capable of those things just yet, we can recommend some of our other programs and resources that can help you get to the point where The Engine Room is right for you.

In The Engine Room we are dedicated to helping our clients achieve financial and lifestyle success!

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Is the Engine Room right for me?

We’ve answered some of our most frequently asked questions below:

Rachael Evans has a background in sales, marketing, and as a coach and mentor stretching back over 20 years. She added automotive industry experience to her resume when she married a mechanic and they started a mobile mechanic business, and eventually bought a run down workshop. Rachael coaches her clients based on the experience of building those businesses to success across 2 decades, as well as her travels that see her seek worlds best practice across the globe to bring home to share with her clients.

All of Rachael’s successful coaching strategies are delivered to you online through live webinars and the unique online training portal.

Studies show that we are 60% more likely to get the results you want faster and more sustainably by leveraging group coaching. Not only do you get Rachael’s years of experience when you are a Workshop Whisperer client, you also get access to those in her community who share their best practice with you. Your program will include a range of phone sessions with The Workshop Whisperer coaches to tailor strategies to suit you and your business, and the bulk of your training will be through online methods. This means you can be a Workshop Whisperer client no matter where you live across Australia, New Zealand, or anywhere in the world. This also makes the investment in your coaching package more economical for you.

Depending on how much work you have to do to get your business to where it needs to be, a maximum of 2-3 hours each week will see you kicking goals.

All online sessions are recorded for you to watch at a later date. If you make it on live though, you will have the opportunity to ask your burning questions about what is holding your business back, and listen to other workshop owners as they have their questions answered.

Thank you for reading the book! Turbo charged is a great place to start but as your business grows it will require more sophisticated financial,
marketing, and leadership strategies. Rachael delivers these through her coaching online, in the private client Facebook group, and at private live events.

On your strategy session phone call Rachael will create a plan for you to move forward over the next 18 months, including the investment required to support your business growth. One thing is for sure, your profit result from any coaching you do with The Workshop Whisperer team will be greatly increased, along with your time leveraged to have more time for “the fun stuff”.

If you are accepted into a Workshop Whisperer program, you can start the same day, or on a date agreed by yourself and your coach.

But don't just take our word for it.

Hear from some of The Engine Room clients, who have transformed their businesses with the help of Workshop Whisperer.

"For months, even years I was wondering if we could do business better..."


"Increase in revenue & profitability by 40-50%"

Working with the Workshop Whisperer has allowed us to increase revenue & profitability by 40 to 50% in some areas which certainly was not on the radar as an achievable amount. It has been invaluable.

Josh Lole

"We thought we were going to lose everything, and then we found Rachael."


"I didn't think it would be possible."

Not only in the business but also in our personal lives we have made a lot of changes and I didn’t think it would be possible.

Cassie Lole

"More focussed accountability."


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