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The Workshop Whisperer’s Top 5 Tips For Hiring a Quality New Team Member

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        The Workshop Whisperer HR Systems

Over the past few weeks I have been on a whirlwind tour of Australia as part of my Workshop Success Tour. Since May 23rd we’ve spoken with more than 350 self employed mechanics from businesses of all shapes and sizes.

While tight cash flow was a hot topic for discussion, what was even more pressing was the urgent need to find quality mechanics to man our workshops.

There is a recognised skills shortage in Australia of trade qualified light vehicle mechanics. We urgently need more than 6000 mechanics to either return to the trade or enter it for the first time. The true problem though, is that we don’t just need trade qualified mechanics, we need highly skilled trade qualified mechanics.

So if they are out there, how can you attract one?

Here are my top 5 tips for hiring a quality new team member

Tip 1. Get really clear on the person you are looking for. Don’t just think about their technical capabilities, think about the qualities you desire in that person. Honesty, integrity, leadership, presentation, etc

Tip 2. Consider what value you can add to their career by hiring them. What type of environment and culture do you offer? Are their opportunities for further training, career advancement, a work vehicle or fuel card, the ability to salary sacrifice?

Tip 3. Don’t write a job ad that simply describes the wanted technical capabilities of your new hire. Separate yourself from the noise in the job market by describing the great environment they will be joining. List the essential technical capabilities, but also describe the personal qualities of your ideal candidate.

Tip 4. Consider doing phone interviews first, then proceeding to a group interview. Yes, these take time. But they don’t say “hire slow, fire fast” for nothing. Group interviews will allow natural behaviours to surface, and might better reflect how someone will behave in a team. 

Tip 5. Never disclose the sum you are prepared to pay as an hourly rate or salary upfront. In a group interview, ask each candidate to write their wage expectation on a piece of paper and place it in an envelope marked with their name on it. This way you’ll never initially offer more than your prospective employees expect! 

Have a great week in your workshop!


The Workshop Whisperer


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