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Want To Be A Great Leader?

So you want to be a great leader?

Let me guess….you are sick of the way your staff behave and treat you. They seem dis-engaged, uninspired, and you have no idea what motivates them.

You would like your workshop employees to act like a team: to support and repect each other, and to operate as one cohesive unit.

But how?

I’ve written a lot this year about how to manage your team effectively through communication, but an article I read recently by an American army general prompted me to share this refresher with you…

John Michel says it doesn’t matter if we are leading an army, a family, or a business, we must find the most effective ways to work with people.

He offers these tips:

1.” Listen to other people’s ideas, no matter how different they may be from your own”.- By offering your employees the opportunity to speak, and by you really listening, you could hear an idea that has the potential to turn into your workshops next great offering.

2.” Embrace and promote a spirit of selfless service”.-By showing selflessness, your employees may reward you with following suit. By putting the “legitimate needs and desires” of others first, you will inspire others to do the same.

3. “Ask great questions”.- As an effective leader you should already know that you don’t always have the answers. You certainly don’t want your staff to think that you do, either. You want to encourage free and outside the square thinking…so ask great questions, and encourage them to think big and contribute to their workplace.

4. ” Don’t fall prey to your own publicity”: – The more we sit back and bask in our own glory, the more we can become distracted from our ¬†goals. Don’t act as if staff are put in your path to serve you. Work together. Never ask of your staff what you wouldn’t be prepared to do yourself.

At the end of the day, a true leader is someone who is an inspiration….are you?

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