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Why Most Auto Repair Business Owners Will Lose Thousands This Year


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Yes, most auto repair businesses will waste thousands of dollars on marketing this year, and most of the marketing they do will fail to bring new customers to their auto repair business.


It’s due to the flow on effect of having poor workflow, efficiency, and leadership, causing the business owners to be time poor, and thus not have the time or energy to properly investigate, test, or measure marketing strategies to see if they work.

Instead, they go with what they know.

The rep for the online and print directory will show up and either say “same as last year?”, or, launch into a fear campaign aimed at the shop owner feeling like the have no choice but to renew in order to keep their spot in the order. (Heaven forbid that your nearest competitor should take your spot!)

The shop owner spends little time asking for statistics on how their business performed in that directory over the last 12 months, because they just want to get back to work.

The return on investment for their underperforming ad will continue to go untracked, and thousands more dollars will be wasted.

The workshop might then go a little quiet so the owner will run off some flyers and have them delivered with no thought as to who their ideal customer is, and when the newspaper rep comes in selling a double page feature on businesses in the local area, he will buy some ad space at an exorbitant price because the rep said he’d be the only repair shop and he’d get heaps of new business.

Thousands more dollars wasted….no new work arrives.

Next, he wants the phone to ring more, so he signs up for Google Adwords. Google Ads are great if they bring you customers who aren’t just price checking or looking for a fix over the phone. He spends $2000 per month on that and doesn’t even break even. But he doesn’t know that because he doesn’t track the return on investment. That’s $24 000 per year!

Does this sound like you? Even a little? Has a version of this story played out in your auto repair business before?

Not having the time to focus on your marketing, or not investing in the time to learn how to do it properly, can no longer be an excuse for your business not performing to it’s potential.

But I also know you might feel overwhelmed at the thought of trying new marketing strategies.

“How will I know what works without wasting money?”

Great question….which is why I’m running 6 events across the Australia this January and February to give you the secrets to successfully winning new work from marketing your auto repair business.

At evening events in Sydney, Brisbane, Cairns, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Perth, you will learn:

  • what traditional marketing methods still work, and how much money to allocate to them·
  • how to attract more business through referrals and leveraging of other successful businesses in your local area·
  • How to harness the power of social media·
  • What content to post and how often·
  • How to get your audience engaged·
  • How to convert Facebook fans into paying customers for your auto repair business.

All tickets include event entry, complimentary finger food on arrival, a great offer from our platinum sponsor AutoGuru , a $100 voucher for marketing materials from Orange Dog, and 2.5 hours of the most up to date and relevant strategies and tips to help make sure your auto repair business gets off to the best possible start in 2018.

You’ll be able to go back to your business and implement the strategies you learn, IMMEDIATELY!

All tickets are $99 including GST, and are available to bill to Capricorn or by credit card.

Book Here now  http://m4m.workshopwhisperer.com/marketing-4-mechanics

Don’t miss your chance to learn from Australia’s leading business mentor for Auto Repair Business Owners!


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